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sophieisleroux@gmail.com@druidspice・Member of F.K. Kollektiv, Berlin


Sophie visits neglected corners of cities and landscapes to find the unfamiliar in the mundane and the charisma in its decay.

Sophie seeks to extract an accidental beauty out of parts of the city usually ignored: structures and materials that typically blend into the background are reframed as the subject. The unexceptional, the functional, and the infrastructural are treated as personalities. Sophie re-appropriates the detritus of a city in hyper-real still-lifes. Objects that have been abandoned as useless are artfully composed and saturated with colour until they gain an unexpected significance. Individuality is found where it is least supposed to be – in the margins and epilogues of the endless urban narrative. The people in these landscapes are depersonalised into textures. They are captured as though marooned by their city, in moments that are never usually recorded to memory: walking between places, or engaged in everyday tasks, caught in the act of forgetting themselves. This is a photography of alienation – but instead of despair, there is an uncanny exuberance in the process of perception itself, as though all one needs to do to survive here is learn how to luxuriate in that alienation. Sophie's gaze is unsentimental and detached – but not without empathy. Its images work together to form secret histories, and perhaps thus secret futures, out of the overlooked and the discarded. The subjects of these photographs are given a collective meaning when they are placed in sequence – almost like a private city is being rebuilt out of what the city has rejected. 

J. Lyon


Selected Publications

GROUND Magazine - Hunger Magazine - White Lies Germany - Roulade Magazine -

The Daily Telegraph - Noisey Netherlands - Exberliner Magazine -ERRR Magazine - 

The Commission Magazine - Femmeuary - The 405 Indie Berlin -

About Time Magazine - Paint By Number Magazine -The British Journal of Photography - 

Hereyouare -The Chop - Rolling Stone Italia - Lola Magazine - East Anglian Daily Times



Roulade Magazine Launch, Husk London 2015

Puderpink, Puderraum Galerie, Berlin 2017 (co-curator)

The Blind Curator, FKK Galerie, Berlin 2017

Still There, ONCA Gallery, Brighton 2018

The Palace Meets Berlin Exhibition + Fasching Feast, Am Flutgraben, Berlin 2018

Showboat, The Steamship Project Space, London 2018

The Museum of Lies, FKK Galerie, Berlin 2018

The Whole Is Other (Than The Sum of Its Parts) , ONCA Gallery, Brighton 2018

On a Wing and a Prayer, No.1 Harbourside Gallery, Bristol 2018